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An interactive adventure walk for those who want to exist outside the everyday parameters, reboot the brain and find new meaning and ideas.

60 minutes that can change your view of the world and yourself.

Participants wear headphones and follow the voice that turns the world into a virtual reality.


The action takes place here and now. Just watch, listen, feel.

This voice tells you where to go and what to do, and also comments on what is happening around you. It might ask to flash back to a memory or to indulge in a fantasy, so that you start to transform everything around.

точка на карте

start of walk:

Batumi, Adjara Museum of art

Dates: summer 2020
Duration: 1 hour


age limit 16+

Price: 20 $
Languages: russian, english




“A great way to look at the surrounding space from a different angle”


Ilya Suvorov

“Сhanging locations remind Narnia, when you get out of the closet to the winter forest, I love these portals”


Konstantin Varlamov

“It helps to see Batumi from the right side”


Sergei Romanenko

“Fascinating from the first words to the last location”


Julia Mikhelson

“Performance, created right here and right now”


Galina Yankovskaya



Член команды


founder, producer


Член команды


founder, producer


Член команды


directing, drama


Член команды




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Where does the play begin and end?

The experience begins at the Adjara museum, the route and final location are kept secret.

How long does the play last?

The walk lasts 1 hour without a break.

What to wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothes for walking.

Is it possible to come with children?

The recommended age of attendees is from 16 years. We ask for minimal distraction for the full immersion.

What language is the play in?

There are 3 languages: Russian, English and Georgian

And if it rains?

In case of rain, we will provide raincoats.

Do I need to print a ticket?

Not necessarily, the electronic version is enough.

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